Oil Heat

Heat Your Home

Trust Dwyer to keep your home warm all winter long with oil heat. We provide a full range of state-of-the-art oil heat equipment that is energy efficient, which means lower heat and hot water costs for you. Our certified professionals install all equipment with care. 

  • Automatic Delivery. We’ll examine your annual usage records and utilize our weather-tracking technology to calculate when you’ll be in need of an oil delivery.
  • On-Demand Delivery. Request oil as you need it. Call to schedule an appointment or click here to schedule a delivery online.

Service Plans – The Only Plan You’ll Ever Need for Your Home Comfort

Dwyer is dedicated to ensuring that your home comfort equipment runs at peak performance. We’re proud to offer convenient, affordable oil heat service plans that provide coverage to suit your needs. Rest easy knowing we’ll respond to your call as promptly as possible.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee every repair we perform.

Click here to download our service plan agreement.

Preventive Maintenance. All oil heat service plans include preventive maintenance with annual inspections. We will conduct the following maintenance:

  • vacuum of unit
  • oil heat burner conditioning
  • burner nozzle replacement
  • oil filter cartridge change
  • safety controls check
  • motor, blower and pump lubrication
  • chimney draft checks
  • combustion and ignition adjustments
  • control inspections
  • efficiency testing and adjustments for maximum performance.

Annual Cleaning and Inspection: This service plan includes an annual cleaning and thorough inspection by a certified and highly trained Dwyer Fuel Heating Technician.

24 Hour Emergency Service: At Dwyer Oil, we are here for our customers. With our 24- hour emergency service, no matter what the season, you can count on a Dwyer Oil service technician to come to your home.

Replacement Parts: Discounts on parts and labor. (This does not apply to system replacement.)

Contact Dwyer today to discuss your oil heat needs or to set up a service plan at 215-248-4300.

Click here to download our service plan agreement.

Please refer to contracts for detailed information.