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Wi-Fi Thermostats: Reasons to Go Wireless

May 26th, 2017

When it comes to home energy equipment, computerized devices have taken the market by storm. Within this new wave of high-tech property enhancements, Wi-Fi thermostats stand out as a valuable energy-saving tool that makes monitoring home comfort easier than ever.

How It Works

Take control of your heating and cooling settings, wherever you are.

  1. A trained technician will install your new Wi-Fi thermostat and connect the device to the internet.
  2. Once the connection is established, you can download an easy-to-use app on your portable devices.
  3. Enjoy remote access to manage energy use at your fingertips!

Reasons to Upgrade

Convenient 24/7 remote access
Leave for work in a rush? Never stress again about wasted A/C in an empty house. If you forgot to knock the thermostat down a few degrees, no sweat! You can check and lower temps right from your smartphone.

Reduce energy consumption
Hold the controls of your energy supply in the palm of your hand. 24/7 remote access to your cooling and heating settings will drastically cut usage and costs.

Lower heating and cooling bills
Control over your consumption means control over your spending. With a Wi-Fi thermostat in place, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of your exact energy needs to protect your wallet from unnecessary usage.

Increase property value
Outfitting your home with high-tech enhancements will help drive its value. Should you ever decide to move, this feature will be at the top every buyer’s “must have” list.

Improve year-round comfort
Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable to heating AND cooling systems. This means whether it’s a sticky day in August or a chilly evening in September, you will be able to control indoor temps with the click of a button.

Is it time to upgrade your thermostat? Contact us for a free estimate to learn more about how a Wi-Fi thermostat can improve your home comfort.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home

April 13th, 2017

The decision between choosing a ductless mini-split and a central air conditioning system can be a difficult one. Before making your choice, make sure you know the differences between the two systems—and the benefits of each.

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

  • Compact, ductless design for homes with or without ductwork in place (more convenient for older buildings with thick walls)
  • Individual zoning to better control your cooling room by room
  • This system can also work in reverse, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors to heat your home
  • Today’s ductless units are often remote-controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature without having to get up
  • Quiet, effective operation for your convenience
  • ENERGY STAR® rated models are available

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

  • Complete, even cooling distribution throughout your entire home
  • Integrates seamlessly with your heating system’s ductwork
  • Compatible with programmable thermostats for maximum control of how much your cooling system operates
  • This system is virtually invisible
  • ENERGY STAR® rated models are available

Whichever system you choose, remember that a proper installation of any air conditioning system will provide you with the most comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. Consult an air conditioning specialist for even more advice on what may be best for your home comfort.

Easy Springtime Energy-Saving Tips

March 17th, 2017

Spring officially begins later this month, which means warmer weather will be here to stay before we know it. Keep your home and family cool and comfortable as the temperature climbs while spending less money with these energy-saving tips!

1. Have your air conditioning system serviced before the heat arrives.

Just like scheduling a tune-up for your heating system each fall, arranging for an A/C maintenance visit in the spring can help your equipment work more efficiently during the coming months. A quick tune-up alone can lower your spring and summer energy bills by 10%!

2. Replace A/C system filters routinely.

Dirt and debris from regular operation can prevent your cooling system from working at peak performance. Each time you replace your equipment’s filters, you can look forward to another 5–10% reduction in energy consumption.

3. Remember to use your ceiling fans.

If you have central air, you may overlook your home’s ceiling fans in the warmer months. However, if you put them to use in conjunction with A/C, you’ll be able to raise the thermostat setting about four degrees without impacting your comfort.

4. Air out your kitchen and bathrooms.

Make sure kitchen and bathroom fans are vented to the outside to remove excess heat and humidity from your home.

5. Keep the sunlight outdoors on hot days.

While we’re all looking forward to a little extra vitamin D after the winter months, direct sunlight shining through your windows can heat up your home fast. Keep curtains and blinds shut during the day to help capture cool indoor air and prevent heat gain.

6. Crack down on unwanted drafts.

Weather-strip and caulk cracks, seams, and openings around doors and windows to keep the hot air outside. This is beneficial throughout the seasons and can save you more than 20% on your annual energy costs!

7. Get grilling!

If you have an outdoor grill, make sure to utilize it for more than just Memorial Day or 4th of July festivities. When possible, give your oven a break and opt to cook outside. This will keep the heat out of your kitchen on warm days and nights, limiting your air conditioner’s operation.

For more energy-saving tips like these during the warmer months ahead and all year long, check us out on Facebook.

Dwyer Does It All

February 17th, 2017

Winter is in full swing, and with colder weather comes more variables that can affect your home comfort. Dry air, inconsistent heat, drafty windows—don’t let these inconveniences get in your way this heating season. If you live in Chestnut Hill or the surrounding area, your local energy provider offers the services you need to stay warm and comfortable in your home all season long.

The Value of Full Service

Not every oil or propane provider offers HVAC service you can count on—or HVAC service, period. When you choose a full-service energy provider, you can trust your complete home comfort to one company. And that goes for more than just this time of year! One of the many perks of full service is that you’ll know exactly who to call if your home energy equipment acts up during the winter, spring, summer, or fall months.

Plus, full service can mean even more than reliable heating and cooling offerings. You can find other home comfort services like indoor air quality improvements, energy audits, and plumbing installations and repairs all under one roof at Ambler, PA’s leading full-service company: Dwyer Oil.

HVAC & Home Comfort Services

  • Convenient Automatic Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel Payment Plan Options
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Heating System Installation & Service
  • Air Conditioning System Installation & Service
  • Comprehensive Service Plans
  • Energy Conservation Services
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Indoor Air Quality Services & Products
  • Plumbing Services & Installations

From prompt heating oil delivery to brand new plumbing fixture installations, there’s one company in Chestnut Hill and the surrounding area that does it all. Contact Dwyer Oil today to learn more, or schedule service right here on our website.

4 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

January 25th, 2017

Dwyer Oil - Indoor Air QualityThe dry, frigid winter months can really take a toll on your health and comfort each year. As you’re likely spending much more time indoors in January than July, you may now be realizing just how much the air inside your home affects you in a number of ways. However, there’s no use in sitting back and settling for discomfort until warmer weather arrives.

Here are four easy ways to adjust the air you breathe inside your home without spending a fortune.

1. Clean Regularly

Routine house cleaning, like vacuuming and washing bedding, can work wonders in minimizing dust and allergens such as pet dander throughout your home. This is especially beneficial if you or anyone living in your home has asthma or respiratory issues.

2. Properly Ventilate

Are your major home appliances, like your oil heating or gas heating system, properly vented to the outdoors? If you aren’t sure, have this checked out by an HVAC professional. Correct ventilation helps to keep your home and family safe by preventing mold, allergens, radon, and even carbon monoxide from being present indoors.

3. Find a Balance

When dealing with overly dry indoor air, the natural thought is to combat it with moisture. However, too much moisture can be a detriment. Excessive humidity encourages mold to grow and spread, which can intensify reactions to allergens. Make sure areas of your home that are susceptible to moisture, like your bathroom and kitchen, are equipped with exhaust fans for ventilation.

4. Turn to Technology

Add an air purification system or a humidifier. This will go a long way in regulating your indoor air to keep it at a comfortable and healthy level for everyone inside your home. There are many affordable, energy-efficient indoor air quality products to choose from—for any size home and budget. Your local home comfort provider can help you decide which product is right for you!

If you have a question about keeping the air you breathe inside your home comfortable and healthy, just ask the experts!

The Dwyer Oil Difference

December 21st, 2016

Customers know that when it comes to home comfort services, Dwyer Oil is the number one service provider in the Chestnut Hill and Greater Philadelphia area.

What makes us stand out head-and-shoulders above the competition? Between our range of services, the quality of our work, and our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, there is just no comparison. Here’s what our customers can expect:


You can count on Dwyer 365 days a year for all your home comfort needs.

  • Prompt Scheduling – If you need service, repair, or a system installation, we’ll book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for your schedule. We can even provide same-day service for many requests.
  • Automatic Fuel Delivery – Never worry about remembering to schedule your deliveries or checking the amount of fuel in your tank; we’ll take care of it for you. As an automatic delivery customer, trust that you will always have fuel in your tank to keep your home warm each heating season.
  • Emergency Service – At Dwyer, we are here for our customers. With our 24-hour emergency service, no matter the season, you can count on a Dwyer service technician to be there for you.


When it comes to home comfort, Dwyer is your one-stop shop—from repair to installation, and everything in between:

Expert Service

  • Knowledgeable Professionals – With Dwyer, you’ll benefit from a team of certified professionals who are not only experts in oil heat, but also gas heat, air conditioning, plumbingeat pumps, and air quality.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service – Since 1875, Dwyer has been committed to complete, healthy home comfort for residents in the Greater Philadelphia area. Have a question or experiencing an issue? Let Dwyer help!



  • Energy Savings Plans – Our affordable heating and cooling Energy Savings Plans will keep your systems running efficiently, and will save you money if any unforeseen maintenance or repair is required.
  • Budget Plan – Winter weather can be unpredictable. At Dwyer, we like to make things easier for you by spreading your heating costs into smaller, more convenient, 12-month payments.

See for yourself why Dwyer is the number one choice for home comfort services—call us at (215) 248-4300 or contact us to become a customer today!

The Secret to Hassle-Free Oil Deliveries

November 11th, 2016

Checking your fuel levels, monitoring your oil tank, remembering when to place an order with your energy company—what if you could do away with all of these tasks this winter?

For more convenience at no additional cost, your fuel company can take care of every aspect of your fuel delivery orders for you. How? Sign up for an automatic fuel delivery program.

What is automatic fuel delivery?

There are three main types of fuel delivery methods: will call, COD, and automatic. As a will call customer, you keep an eye on your tank and place fuel orders when its levels are low. Automatic oil delivery is a complimentary service offered to take the hassle out of this process and to help avoid the risk of a heat-out emergency if you forget to place an order when you’re in need of fuel.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

  • Your local fuel company monitors your fuel usage, taking into account weather patterns and your usage history.
  • A computerized system tells your provider when you’re beginning to run low on oil.
  • Heating oil is automatically delivered to your home when you need it.
  • You can sit back and relax all winter, never worrying about remembering when to place a fuel order or checking your tank’s levels.

It’s that simple! There are no hidden fees, tricks, or compromises.

Take one more thing off your to-do list this heating season. Sign up for automatic delivery today!

Out with the Cold, in with the New

October 24th, 2016

Just like your vehicle, your furnace or boiler needs a tune-up once a year, especially before the cold weather starts. Tune-ups keep heating systems running efficiently, increase the lifespan of your equipment, and save you money.

You’ve stayed on top of this annual maintenance.  But your house just isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.  Some rooms are cold, some are too hot, and your heating system seems to take a long time to “boot up.”

Here’s the bad news:  Your system may be over 15 years old, and if so, it’s time to invest in a new one.

But don’t stop reading, there’s good news too!  When you replace your system with a newer, more efficient model, you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint and saving money in energy costs.

Not sure how old your system is?  Here’s how to check:

  • Look for the door on the outside of your furnace. There could be a tag or label on its interior with the serial number, and possibly the date.
  • Fan blades: Turn off the furnace’s power using the power switch or the master fuse, then look at the fan blades.  In older models, the date will often be stamped on the fan.
  • The first four digits of the serial number could also represent a date. The first two numbers would be the month, and the last two the year.  For example:  0375 would be March 1975.
  • Check for a sticker on your equipment that shows the last service date. The technician will often include an installation date, which should tell you the age.
  • Call the manufacturer. Even without the serial number, they can usually help using pictures or other information.

Now What?

Once you’ve established that it is time to replace your equipment, you may want to do some research on your own, or contact your local home comfort service provider.  They can give you the professional guidance you need to find the right size, make and model for your home.

How a Heating Service Plan Saves You Money

September 23rd, 2016

Signing up for our Energy Saving Plan to protect your oil or gas heating equipment is a great idea for less worry and greater peace of mind each winter—but do you know how much it can benefit you when it comes to cost savings? Now’s your opportunity to learn!

It includes your annual tune-up.

Annual maintenance is essential if you want your heating equipment to run correctly and efficiently each year. This service, which you schedule and pay for before each winter anyway, is one of the services already included in your Energy Saving Plan coverage.

You’ll spend significantly less on service calls.

When scheduling an appointment for a heating system repair, customers often focus on the cost of the part itself and overlook that labor is also a major component of the final bill. Service plans that offer discounts on labor can save you up to 30% on your total service bill!

There’s no need to worry about costly parts replacements.

Similar to the benefit of labor discounts, our Energy Saving Plan includes a price reduction for parts in need of repair or replacement can save you a bundle—also up to 30%. This means that whether your tune-up and efficiency test diagnoses a major issue or suggests a small upgrade to improve system operation, you can rest assured that the fix can take place without breaking the bank.

The more systems you cover, the more you save.

Whether you heat your home with oil or gas, being an Energy Saving Plan customer means you can protect your primary heating equipment and additional energy systems for less. Receive a 10% discount on each plan with a multiple policy discount! Cover multiple heating system units of the same fuel type, systems of a different fuel type (available for oil, propane, or natural gas), air conditioning equipment, and heat pumps.

As the heating season rapidly approaches, early this fall is the ideal time to enroll in our Energy Saving Plan. Contact us and sign up today! When you do, sit back and relax all heating season long, knowing that your heating equipment is covered.

Q: When Should I Schedule My Heating System Tune-Up? A: Now!

August 10th, 2016

Even though we’re still enjoying summer temperatures, it’s never too early to schedule your gas or oil heating system tune-up. In fact, it’s beneficial to schedule your tune-up earlier rather than later to ensure your heating system is prepared to function effectively on that first chilly day of fall. 

Avoid the Rush

Service departments can become very busy by mid-winter—particularly during winter storms—since homeowners that don’t maintain their heating system typically wait until it experiences an issue to make the emergency call for a repair. Scheduling your system tune-up in advance can help you avoid the need for service during the busy season.

There are many other benefits to having your gas or oil heating system serviced now:

  • Save Money: A properly-maintained system will keep it running at peak efficiency during the coldest winter months, which saves both energy and money.
  • Home Comfort: You’ll enjoy consistent and even heating throughout your home.
  • Reliability: Because your system runs more effectively, there is less of a chance for unexpected service calls due to a system malfunction. In addition, a professional tune-up can help to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: A maintained system will run more cleanly and efficiently, helping to reduce airborne pollutants.
  • Protect Your Investment: Annual service can help maintain your manufacturer’s warranty for greater home value.
  • Home Safety: Equipment that runs properly is less likely to malfunction, reducing the risk of leaks and damage to your home.
  • Pay a Little to Avoid Paying a Lot – The cost of a tune-up is far lower than the cost of repairs should your system fail.

Scheduling a heating system tune-up by a licensed Dwyer technician each year is not only important to protect and maintain your equipment, but it’s also incredibly beneficial to your home and to your wallet.

Schedule your tune-up now and be prepared for the upcoming heating season.

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